Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Things your Guy Don't Understand About Your Cherry ;-)

Even guys who are amazing in bed have a few questions about the clitoris, which is fair because most women don't even fully understand it (until they really, really do). Here are the things even your super sweet boyfriend might be a little hazy on.

1. He says: I think most guys understand the importance of the clitoris (every time a guy learns to stimulate the clit, an angel gets its wings), but why is it so great?
She says: Imagine if your penis had twice the number of sensory nerve endings as it does now, making it twice as sensitive. That's how many the clitoris has, and that is one very big reason why.

2. He says: Is it really better to "warm it up" instead of going all out? Should a guy just go to town on your clitoris, or start by cozying up to it and going over it light and slow?
She says: Is foreplay better than no foreplay at all? Yes, absolutely yes. The clitoris isn't automatically ready for hardcore stimulation right away, in the same way that the vagina doesn't get wet until it's really warmed up.

3. He says: It's really obvious for guys, but can you actually feel the change in your clitoris when you get turned on?
She says: I've never felt my clitoris get erect, but it does apparently get hard. Honestly, I wish I could feel it getting hard so that when I whisper to guys that "I'm so hard right now" — it would be a joke, yes, but also very factual.

4. He says: What is it like to have multiple orgasms?
She says: The goddamn best.

5. He says: Is it easy to hurt your clitoris, similar to how it hurts for us to get hit in the balls?
She says: No, but I will say once women have already had an orgasm and a guy keeps stimulating the clit, after a while, you definitely want to kick them in the face so they cut that shit out.

6. He says: What does it feel like when it gets overstimulated?
She says: Probably similar to the way your penis feels after you orgasm. It's not painful if someone touches it, but also it'd be cooler if they did not.

7. He says: If you had to choose (and hopefully you never would), would you rather have only the clit stimulated, or not have it stimulated at all but have the guy focus a lot of attention on the rest of the vagina?
She says: This is a real Sophie's choice, Frank, but I'm going to go with "having only the clit stimulated" because at least you can vary the speed and the pressure, and really, I'm not even sure how I'd have an orgasm without that.

8. He says: Do some women not like clit stimulation?
She says: I'm sure there are some who don't! There are people who don't like penetration during sex or people who don't like talking during sex. This is why asking is helpful.

9. He says: ​Do women want constant stimulation on the clitoris, or is on-off stimulation OK as long as we're still going at it in other ways?
She says: On and off stimulation can be amazing and usually is preferred, especially in the beginning. You don't really want to go too hard on the clit at the start of things, so going back and forth after that can be really great.

​10. He says: ​What's the worst thing we could intentionally or inadvertently do to your clit that would turn you off?
She says: Too much stimulation before she's really warmed up is almost like the clitoral version of tickling as opposed to softly grazing. It doesn't feel awful, but it doesn't feel sexy at all and is ultimately annoying.

11. He says: What's the best sex position for the clit?
She says: I can't say for sure, but I'll put my money on woman-on-top being a fan favorite for a reason. ​She has control of her movement and her clitoris is more likely to be stimulated this way. But try some others and see what works, since it will be different for everyone. 

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